Monaqasat 2.0 : Better, Faster, More Secure

Karim Helal - Mar 26, 2012 7:24:00 PM

Dear Monaqasat Users,

We are very happy today to announce the release of v2.0. More than just an upgrade or a minor release, this release is a major rewrite of the MENA’s favorite eTendering engine in order to drastically improve its speed and set the base for a series of features that will once again revolutionize how tendering is done.

Here is a small overview of the hundreds of new features:

1. Brand new Design

To celebrate Monaqasat’s 3rd birthday (and the 10 billion processed bids mark), we wanted to refresh the overall layout with a more dynamic and fresh look. The new layout is cleaner, more vivid and showcases better what is all about: being the best Cloud eTendering solution for companies of all types.

2. Improved BOQ Controls

To better control how bidders fill each item within the Bill of Quantities, introduces per-item security items:

  • Can a particular item be replaced by one or more other items?
  • Can the item’s quantity be changed by the bidders?
  • Is a particular item mandatory or optional?
By combining these settings, you can ensure that the bids you receive are exactly as you intend them to be, thus resulting in a much more precise and short analysis phase.

3. Graphical Tender Reports

A picture is worth a thousand words, or in our case, an Interactive Graph is worth a thousand Excel Sheets. One of the most time consuming aspects of the tendering process is opening bids, ensuring that the bidding was done according to specifications set forth by the tender issuer and analyzing the bids to understand the pricing structure. v2 takes the pain away and makes this process much easier thanks to its new Dynamic Reports section that automatically presents the data in interactive graphical format, allowing you to see the information any way you want it to.

4. Support for Multiple Currencies is growing and is expanding outside of the UAE. As such, it now supports payments and tender prices in all major currencies in the MENA region, such as AED, BHD, EUR, JOD, LBP, OMR, QAR, SAR, USD and YER. We will work on adding more currencies in the coming months, so please let us know which ones you require.

5. Smart BOQ & Bid Editor

Documenters, Verifiers and Bidders know how time-consuming it can be to create, edit or fill a Bill of Quantities. To make their lives easier, we’ve completely redesigned the BoQ and Bid editors to make them as quick and efficient as possible. 

For Documenters:

  • Bids are properly migrated when a new BOQ is updated, saving hours of work,
  • BoQ and Bid are now automatically saved every 5 minutes,
  • Much improved performance and controls,

For Bidders

  • Bulk Editing of the one or more items,
  • A new ‘adjustment’ column has been introduced for bidders, allowing them to quickly apply percentage or value adjustments to each element or to categories,
  • Real-time highlighting of the items that have yet to be priced, allowing you to focus exactly on what is left to be done,
  • Easy exporting of the Bill of Quantities document to Excel for offline studying
6. Company Profiles

You are based in the UAE but you want to build a project in Qatar or in Morocco. What are the best contractors or sub-contractors to invite to your tender? That is one of the main goals of the platform and will be one of the major areas of improvement over the next releases. To get your company ready for this functionality, start building your own company profile by going into your Administration area and adding as much information about your company as possible.  

7. Support Page

Our customers have always been at the core of our business. To better support our growing customer base, we’ve migrated our support portal to a much more complete and dynamic system that can be accessed at from where you will be able to read answers to known questions and problems, browse discussions or suggest new topics. Every person in the company will be actively monitoring the forums and ensuring that every query, every idea and every comment is taken into consideration. So ask away!

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