5 Tips to Getting Selected Quicker by Contractors

Alexandra Tohme - Jul 26, 2015 2:23:27 PM

Stop sending company profiles!

A general contractor can be working on projects from $2mln to $100mln+ in value. No matter the size of project, the contractor will need to select from thousands of bidding companies to eventually hire several subcontractors and even suppliers. Whilst the majority of time, price is a large deciding factor, there are other variables that may decide if you are successful in winning future bids.

Lead Generation Construction Results from the ProTenders Survey question: "What are your pain points when trying to generate new leads"

Technology means that contractors are able to compare incoming bids quicker and more efficiently than before. When faced with the question, why should you be paid more than your competitors, you need to be able to point to something specific.

Here are our top 5 tips on how to win more business!

  1. Ensure adequate human resources

Bidding low but without enough qualified staff will eventually cause difficulties and delays later on. Don’t bid and then hope you can find enough talent when you need it. Contractors in the Middle East particularly put emphasis on a skilled subcontractor that can understand the contract, execute work safely, understand the plans and will not cause delays through lack of labour.

  1.  Make it easy for the contractor to understand what you offer

Contractors are regularly cold called, sent different types of company profiles by email or fax, or receive numerous unsolicited requests on LinkedIn. Many subcontractors and suppliers have websites that are difficult to navigate or worse, are not compatible with the changing technology standards or don’t work on mobile, making it even more difficult for contractors to find the information they need in a hurry.

Consider using dedicated construction directories as a way to present your company information in a consistent and professional manner. Be present where your future clients are looking

  1. Communicate and ask for regular feedback

During the bidding phase it’s important to make sure you understand the terms of the tender clearly. Dont’ be afraid to be proactive and ask for more details, suggesting ideas that will help the contractor make a profit. This will make you stand out, even if your price is not necessarily the cheapest.

  1. Get bids in accurately and on time

Many companies surveyed in the ProTenders annual construction survey identified that getting the bids in on time and without missing information was one of their main concerns. Bidders complained about the amount of paperwork that was involved. Use e-tendering platforms that can help make sure you don’t submit a bid without any missing info and can remind you well in advance before the deadline arrives.

  1. Present hi-res images of your previous projects

The majority of contractors will be using the internet at some point in their search for construction partners. Across all types of online content, photos and videos are the media which receives the highest engagement. Visuals also have a better recall amongst audiences. Providing good quality images of projects you’ve been involved in can push your company to the top of mind when a contractor is considering who to work with.

ProTenders.com is the regions fastest growing dedicated construction directory that allows companies to create a detailed profile that works across desktop and mobile devices.

Company Profiles include fields for Team Members, qualifications, certifications and project listings. With over 50,000 views per month, we help all companies build better and reduce risk.

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Alexandra Tohme

Alexandra Tohme

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