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Karim Helal - Jul 26, 2015 2:32:25 PM

As we analyzed the results of our 2015 Global Construction Survey, we realized that construction companies both locally and internationally face 2 main problems:

  • how to grow their business, especially when trying to expand outside of their core market (which includes finding new leads and finding the right partners),
  • how to execute these projects in a timely fashion once they’ve been awarded.

Until recently, ProTenders, with its advanced eTendering platform, online document management and bid submittals and advanced analysis tools, was mostly geared towards helping companies solve the 2nd part of the problem.

With our latest release, we’ve grown our suite of products to cater to the business development needs of construction companies using the same core values at the heart of the ProTenders philosophy; drive efficiency and reduce risk.

Helping construction companies Grow their Business

Over 90% of companies we interviewed wanted to grow their business, especially outside their core market. However, almost 50% said that their number one problem was generating awareness in the market for their products and services, even when using a variety of different tools & techniques to market their services.

What are your pain points when trying to generate new leads

Since we first released the company profiles a few months ago, hundreds of small and large companies such as Al Firas, ADCE and Planners have built their profiles online and have as a consequence been visited more than 250,000 times.

We’ve made it even more useful in our latest release, by adding some much requested features:

  • Secure & Optimized for Mobile

As part of our ongoing research, we found that 67% of construction companies websites used Flash, a technology which not only makes it impossible for it to be seen on most mobiles, but also is notoriously infamous for its security flaws. Furthermore, less than 1% of company websites are secure and mobile optimized, two factors which are now a critical part of how Google and other search engines rank websites. Websites that are optimized for search engines and for the mobile device consistently see uplift in traffic and sales

With our new release, your profile is now automatically mobile friendly, automatically secure and automatically search-optimized.

  • Better Portfolios (graphs, map view)

One of the most important ways companies can market themselves is by showcasing their previous experience. We have found that companies that have at least 5 projects in their portfolio get on average 4x more views, and those with at least 10 get 7x more views. We’ve thus optimized our portfolio page so that the information that is most important appears first, and introduced a new Map View that shows exactly where you work.

Rest assured that we’re not stopping there and we’ve got some very exciting new modules that are being finalized to make your profiles even more useful.

Helping construction companies Reduce their Risk

ProTenders has since its launch been a very strong tool to help companies streamline their bidding and tendering process., allowing companies to reduce both time and cost. However, a big part of the risk factor is identifying the right partners for each job.

However, as per the survey, 67% of companies still relied on word of mouth to find the right partner.

How do you usually find the best partner

When assessing the suitability of partners, respondents ranked the following factors in order:

  1. Types of projects previously worked on
  2. Size and qualifications of team
  3. Certifications of Companies
  4. Location of company

Now, with the latest release, it’s easier than ever to find the right partners and reduce the risk whilst doing so.

The ProTenders Company Profile is built specifically around presenting past projects, team members, certifications and more, key factors when assessing the suitability of a company to work with.  Company Profiles are consistent, allowing apples to apples comparison

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, we only allow Company Profiles on the platform if they have a valid trade licence.

The search tools have been enhanced to allow you to use increasing amount of detail when looking for a particular company.

For example you can easily find:

Find Companies

Learn more about how to grow your business with our guide:  "5 Tips to Getting Selected Quicker by Contractors"

Bidding is now FREE

We've also taken the time to optimized our pricing strategy to match your needs better. The major concern we kept on receiving from potential Issuers was that they wanted to maximize the number of bids they would receive. You'll be pleased to know that bidding for one active tender is now FREE across all plans.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.02.34 PM

Visit our Pricing page to learn more about the plans and the benefits of each.

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