Marketing to the Construction Industry in the Middle East

Alexandra Tohme - Jul 26, 2015 2:06:09 PM

How do MENA clients find contractors?

Have you noticed how the majority of construction directories in the region have information about your potential clients but you have to pay a very high subscription fee to access that information? Maybe you’ve tried to Google your own company name and discovered that you are featured on one of those free online directories that are covered with ads that lowers your brand value?

There is a better way to do business.

Over 90% of companies we interviewed in our 2015 Global Construction Survey wanted to grow their business, especially outside their core market. However, almost 50% said that their number one problem was generating awareness in the market for their products and services, even when using a variety of different tools & techniques to market their services.

If you have a subscription to a premium business directory, you probably aren’t getting maximum value from it. Most likely you have to note down the relevant contact details manually and then try to call or email the listed contact person.

Have you wondered why conversion rates are so low using this method? It’s because your future clients aren’t able to find you and learn more about your company.

Today, more than ever, people are using the web to find partners to do business with and learn about their company and products.

We found that 67% of construction companies websites used Flash, a technology which not only makes it impossible for it to be seen on most mobiles, but also is notoriously infamous for its security flaws. Furthermore, less than 1% of company websites are secure and mobile optimized, two factors which are now a critical part of how Google and other search engines rank websites. Websites that are optimized for search engines and for the mobile device consistently see uplift in traffic and sales.

ProTenders Company Profiles helps companies grow! is the region's fastest growing dedicated construction directory that changes the way suppliers and subcontractors do business. With over 50,000 views a month, we’re becoming the go to site for clients to find the right construction partner and reduce risk.

Since we first released the company profiles a few months ago, hundreds of small and large companies such as Al Firas, ADCE and Planners have built their profiles online and have as a consequence been visited more than 250,000 times. Companies can create an up to date mobile compatible profile, with the ability to list team members, certifications and projects. Our detailed search engine means you can get found in just a few clicks, even using highly specific filters.

And it works! Companies that take our Visibility Profile plan consistently get up to 4x more views than they do through Google.

If you want to:

  • Be found quicker by potential clients
  • Generate a higher ROI on your business development activities
  • Have a profile that can be seen anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Bid for free on Tenders

Then take a look at our flexible plans now and find out how you can better market your business to the construction industry!

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Alexandra Tohme

Alexandra Tohme

I'm a sales and marketing professional with almost 2 decades of experience across the UK, Lebanon and the UAE. I've worked with over 30 brands in 15 industries, and specialise in Digital Marketing for B2B brands and Lead Generation. I started my career with a decade in Sales with a focus on online products for the final 3 years. I transitioned from Sales to Digital Marketing for the next 7 years, working as a Strategist for ad agencies and as a Consultant for direct clients. My direct clients include regional startups that have been funded successfully

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