Welcome to the updated Monaqasat.com

Karim Helal - Apr 1, 2009 4:39:00 AM

Welcome to the updated Monaqasat.com!

As part of our regular updates to the system, we have brought in some major improvements to the way the application looks and feels. Here is a description of the biggest changes:

Updated UI: In an effort to increase productivity and efficiency, we have refined almost every screen in the application to make it easier for you, the user, to find information quickly and efficiently.

Fluid Layout that automatically adjusts to your screen space.

Tabbed Menu, allowing you to easily move between the different parts of the application with greater ease.

Streamlined Tenders and Documents Listings, showing you only the most important information, but allowing you to get more information at the click of a button,

New Supervisor Role: To better mimic real-life scenarios, a new Supervisor role has been introduced in the “Appoint a Colleague” popup that allows Tender Executive Officers to better control what each user is allowed to do on the tender:
Technical Documenter: While all users can upload documents or edit BOQs, only Supervisors can submit them for review.

Document Sets: Similarly to what happens in real life, documents are not exchanged between tender participants as individual documents, but rather as complete document sets. Technical Documenters can take now their time to submit documents and only “Submit All For Review” once they are confident all the Tender Documents are ready to be reviewed.

Technical Verifiers can assign multiple verifiers to the documents, all of which can submit their review notes on each document. A Supervisor can then review each note and submit a comprehensive Review Set back to the Documenter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any issues with the update.

Best Regards,

Your Monaqasat

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