Monaqasat 1.2 released

Karim Helal - Feb 1, 2009 7:41:00 AM

We are proud to announce the immediate release of version 1.2 of Monaqasat, with over 30 new features or corrections to known problems. We have listened to your comments and have worked very hard to incorporate as many requests as possible. Here is a short summary of the new features:

New Layout

Monaqasat is growing. In order to keep it fresh and to prepare for some of the hot new features that we are working on for the future, we have started to revamp the user interface. Currently, it is only used in the external pages, but they will be expanded to the rest of the application very soon. Please feel free to send us feedback about it!

Tender History

While notifications are a good way to keep track of your ongoing tender, they are not useful is you want to quickly get an overview of all of a tender’s history. To address this need, we are today introducing the Tender History panel located at the bottom right hand of each tender from which a Tender Owner or Auditor will be able to track all the latest events in a tender.

Invitation Filters

Company Admins now have the ability to select who they want their employees to invite to a tender using the new “Invitation Filters”, available from the Admin section. Three options are available:

  • Invitations can be sent to all companies in the system
  • Invitations can be sent to all companies in the system except the ones specified by the Company Administrator
  • Invitations can only be sent to the companies listed by the Company Administrator

 Documents Lock / Unlock

Tender Owners now have the ability to individually lock or unlock specific documents once they have reached a stable version. Once blocked, documents can only be read and documenters and verifiers will not be able to update them unless they request it to be unlocked.

Relaxing of Auditor Role

The Auditor role can now be assigned to companies that were already assigned as Documenter or Verifier, allowing consultants to oversee the tender process even if they are not the tender organizers.

Dramatically faster BOQ processing

We have made huge improvements to the way large BOQs are processed in the online viewer, resulting in lower wait time when uploading large CSV files.

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