Featured in The National: “A day in the life of Karim Helal, Founder of ProTenders.com”.

Karim Helal is the chief executive and co-founder of ProTenders.com, a construction intelligence and tendering platform connecting developers, consultants, contractors and suppliers. The Canadian, 41, who grew up in the 1980s in Abu Dhabi, where his father worked as an architect, returned to the capital 10 years ago, where he now lives with his wife and two-year-old son. The businessman says there is no “typical” 24 hours in the life of an entrepreneur. “Every day is different and brings new challenges and new surprises, and that’s what makes entrepreneurship so exciting.”


ProTenders Q&A with Infrastructure Middle East

ProTenders was featured in the July / August 2015 edition of Infrastructure Middle East, a magazine that covers infrastructure development in the MENA region, including power, desalination, telecommunications, roads & bridges, construction, oil & gas, ports & shipping, aviation, railways and infrastructure finance.

Protenders_Infrastructure_Middle_East_August_2015 (1) Protenders_Infrastructure_Middle_East_August_2015 (2)

UPDATE: the interview is now also available online at http://infrastructureme.com/2015/09/using-technology-to-drive-efficiencies/


ProTenders Construction Survey Results

ProTenders: 2015 Global Construction Survey Report Released

Research shows new technology an important factor for the construction industry to remain competitive

Dubai, U.A.E – 20th April 2015– ProTenders.com, the secure, paper-free online bidding platform for the construction industry, today released their 2015 annual global construction survey.

The report provides insights into the construction sectors pain points, including ways in which firms explores new business, enters a tendering and bidding process and identifies the right construction partner. More than 500 regional and international construction businesses were surveyed.

According to Karim Helal, Co-Founder and CEO of ProTenders.com, “The 2015 Global Construction survey highlights the critical role technology plays in the growth and stability of businesses operating in today’s competitive marketplace. The Middle East construction industry is growing at a fast pace and the adoption of new technology stands out as an important factor for businesses to remain competitive.’’

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Monaqasat 2.1: Company Reports, Built-In Document Viewer & More

Only a few short months after launching Monaqasat.com 2.0, we are happy to introduce Monaqasat.com 2.1, a major new release that introduces some often requested features and optimizations, available starting today to all our existing customers.

Built-in Fast Document Viewer

Documents are a big part of the tender process and we continually strive to simplify that process as possible. Working with PDF documents had however a few major flaws until recently:

  • clicking on documents would automatically download them to your device, something that could take a long time depending on the size of the documents,
  • finding the history or review notes for specific versions required opening up different views or popups.
Monaqasat.com 2.1 dramatically improves this flow by introducing a new built-in fast PDF document viewer that automatically streams the document you are working with and displays all its relevant history within a single view.
No need anymore to search for information, everything you need to work is present within that same view, including:
  • fully searchable (as much as original PDF document allows it),
  • quick: only loads the pages you are browsing,
  • adaptable: see one page or two pages, in a window or full-screen,
  • complete version history of the document, along with important dates and state changes,
  • complete review history of the document, including current review notes for verifiers.

Of course, documents can still be downloaded for archival or offline viewing.

Company Performance Reports

Many of our clients use Monaqasat.com to manage dozens or hundreds of tenders simultaneously. Properly measuring performance of their organization becomes key. Monaqasat.com 2.1 introduces a new section called My Reports that allows Company Administrators and Auditors to quickly and precisely measure the performance of their company and users and evaluate whether tenders and documents are progressing at the anticipated rate.


Monaqasat.com’s goal is to help all its customers streamline their operations and reduce costs as much as possible. With that in mind, we constantly strive to make our service faster and more responsive. With this latest release, we have spent a lot of time optimizing some of the most important pages of the application such as the tasks page, the public tenders page and the tenders index page making them much faster to load and operate thanks to some intense caching.

For the more technologically inclined, we will be posting some more in-depth articles very soon on how we go about optimizing such pages along with some numbers.

However, we are not yet done optimizing the application and you can expect some more dramatic improvements in the upcoming releases.

Other Updates

Dozens of other improvements and optimizations have been included in Monaqasat.com 2.1, including:

  • allowing all users to manage the frequency and type of notifications they receive by email,
  • enabling company admins to set minimum durations for each phase as per their requirements,
  • being able to bulk-download any set of documents or bidder documents in one click,
  • allowing documenters to submit explanatory notes along with their documents, thus allowing them to better communicate with verifiers,

We trust that every single one of our customers will benefit from the new release, and we will continue to improve our solutions and services based on your feedback and suggestions. So please use our customer support portal to suggest new features, report bugs or offer testimonials.