DAMAC Properties and ProTenders enter into an e-tendering agreement

DAMAC Properties is taking its project tendering online with professional e-tendering platform ProTenders.com, in a three-year agreement. ProTenders was specifically chosen in order to streamline DAMAC Properties’ tendering activities, allowing them to manage multiple tenders in real-time using its unique cloud-based technology.

Mr Karim Helal, CEO and Founder of ProTenders commented “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with a leading developer such as DAMAC Properties and providing them with the platform, knowledge and support they need to complete such a big undertaking.”

Commenting on the agreement, Mohammed Tahaineh, Senior Vice President – Commercial, at DAMAC Properties commented: “With over 2,000 companies on our supplier list, ProTenders’ dynamic company and tender reports enable us to quickly compare bids and make the right choice by easily identifying variations and drilling down into specific categories. The platform allows faster decision-making as we are able to manage tenders in real-time, resulting in reduced tender cycle times.”

The platform has a repository able to handle any scope, from a single project to a whole city, and has been built from the ground up for the construction industry, enabling developers, consultants and contractors to easily work together in a secure and user-friendly environment. It centralises all activities, documents, bids and communications in a single source, which is available 24/7 online and accessible from anywhere by simply logging in.

Mr. Helal added “Our award winning platform has so far proven to be a huge success with other developers in the region, as it has been used to manage over $20 billion worth of bids across more than 1000 tenders ranging from building renovations to $300M infrastructure projects. The fact that we take care of the on-boarding, training and support for all parties involved makes this a seamless transition for our clients, their partners and suppliers. We’ve also been seeing a massive growth over the last few months as we’ve introduced our Project Intelligence & Company Profiles modules, with hundreds of Suppliers, Contractors & Consultants signing up ever month to expand their businesses and mitigate the risks of the market.”

After an extensive testing phase, the DAMAC Properties platform is now live, and has already successfully progressed/processed over 100 tenders during its soft launch period.

ProTenders proudly unveils its new Project Intelligence Platform

As an integral player in the development and progress of the global construction market, we at ProTenders are proud to play our part in making this region of the world one of the most sought-after destinations to live, work and play.

Our award-winning e-Tendering solution for the construction industry has thus far facilitated close to $20 billion in successful bids since its launch, and has won multiple local, regional and international awards along the way. However, things have changed since our original launch – as is the case with most things in our dynamic and ever-evolving neck of the woods.

ProTenders has evolved from an e-Tendering solution to become a 360-degree construction business growth platform that includes the much utilized Company Profiles feature, which allows construction concerns (suppliers, consultants, contractors, subcontractors and developers) reach a far wider market and find ideal partners with which to collaborate.

We’ve helped companies of all sizes get more visibility than ever – 780k hits.

Project Intelligence: the evolution of our pioneering platform

Whereas traditional Project Intelligence platforms rely on information they collect by calling companies, ProTenders leverages the data insights it gains from multiple sources: our own research team, our network of partnerships and perhaps most importantly: the vast collection of data shared by our forward-facing community of development pioneers.

This information is combined, compiled and quality-checked to make sure we provide you with valid and accurate data throughout any project’s construction lifecycle.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the insights a typical project gives you:

  • Location: Typically includes, plot number, maps, etc.
  • Facts: Contains info on floors, height, style, etc.
  • Participants: Includes their contacts in most cases
  • Pictures: Images that provide context, scope and size of projects
  • Associated Products: Coming soon….watch this space!
  • Timeline information: Provides insights to project timelines and development.


The power of search, right at your fingertips

All information is searchable, thanks to ProTenders’ powerful data collation and convergence capacity. We make finding the ideal partnerships and collaboration opportunities a simple case of asking for what you want – and getting it.

No sifting through swathes of data in the hope of finding a flash in the pan; there’s simply no time for it in this fast-moving industry we operate in. Find the projects that you want and turn opportunity into growth and profit!

What do you do once you’ve found the right projects?

You can make a request to participate and send potential collaborators your profile so that they can include you in any subsequent tenders. Basically, once you find the ideal opportunity, it’s up to you to ensure a completed profile, that contains all pertinent info on your business, does the job to make the right impression on prospects.

To celebrate the launch of ProTenders Project Intelligence, we’re offering it at a special discount to commensurate with the upcoming  2016 Cityscape Global Event. Sign up now and receive an exclusive 30% discount on our platform kick your business development into higher gear.

Growing your Construction Business in Middle East

Last year, over 58,000 construction related companies registered with the UAE’s Ministry of Labour. Employment was up by 10%, with the largest employer being the construction industry, representing 34% of the local workforce. Foreign companies from around the globe are also vying for attention from local clients.

As competition intensifies, consultants and clients will need better ways to find and engage the right contractors and suppliers. Trying to cold call or arrange meetings, or constant printing of company profiles which end up filed away in the client’s office will become less and less effective. Read More »