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Karim Helal - May 9, 2013 1:24:41 AM

Today, we’re starting a new series of articles that will introduce the new features we’ve been working on for our next big release (v3), due out within a few short weeks.

The first feature we’d like to introduce is our answer to a question we often get asked by our customers “how can i quickly know what’s going on with my tenders?”.

There are actually different ways that this information can currently be found:

  • By visiting the ‘My Notifications’ page
  • By looking at the ‘latest events’ for each tender in the Tender index page

While these work for a limited number of tenders, we have found that they start loosing effectiveness once a company handles 50+ tenders. To fix that, we’ve been working on a totally revamped and dramatically more practical tender index page.


Activity Levels

The first major item we’ve added to this page is the activity graph on the right of each tender that immediately displays the relative activity level for this tender during the last 52 weeks.


Each bar represents the activity level for one week, starting on the right (rightmost bar represents the activity level for this week, leftmost bar represents the activity level 52 weeks ago). The more activity there has been during a specific week, the higher the bar will be.

In this particular screenshot, you can for example see that the tender for the Private Villa for Mr. Mohamad has not been very active in the last few weeks, and it might thus be worth analyzing more in details.

One more thing. If you look closely, you will also notice that each bar is actually composed of 2 colors: blue and gray.

This separation is made to immediately show what percentage of the activity of this tender is attributed to the tender issuer (colored in blue) and what percentage is caused by the other participating companies (colored in gray).

Using these graphs, you can now immediately know which tenders have been active recently and which ones need your attention.

Smart Tender Status Updates

The second feature we’re releasing is a smart tender status display, that displays the information most relevant to each tender, depending on its state and your role and it.


For example, if you were an executive officer in a posted tender, you would most likely be interested in knowing the time left until this bidding period is over, the number of bids you would have received and the number of open RfCs. As a bidder in the same tender, you’d however by much more interested in knowing how many documents or BOQ items you still have to fill.

To save even more time, clicking on any of the numbers on this status update will take you directly to the right page. Looking at the Corniche Hospital tender for example, clicking on the Document Set label would take you directly to the Tender Documents page and clicking on the Bids Submitted label would take you directly to the ‘Call for Bids’ page.


With these two features, we have no doubt that you will be able to focus much more quickly on your tenders, without ever needing to search for information anymore. It’ll be right there, in front of you.

This is however just the beginning  Monaqasat v3 has lots of other exciting features and we’ll be sharing more information about then during the next few days in this blog. Be sure to follow it to get all the latest news.

In the meantime, we want to hear your feedback. Share your opinions or feedback with us using the comments section below.

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